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Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs

DCVA LogoThe Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs (DCVA) was established in 1987 to support Delaware veterans, their spouses and children. The Commission serves as an advisory board to the Governor for issues that impact the 72,000 military veterans living in the First State.

The Commission consists of 15 members, each of whom serves a four-year term. Ten members are selected by veteran service organizations and five at-large members are appointed by the Governor to represent veterans throughout Delaware.

DCVA partners with the Behavioral Health Consortium and Governor’s Challenge to End Suicide Among Service Members, Veterans, and their Families. For more information, or to volunteer, please view the challenge page.

DCVA Board Members

Valerie Harwood (Chair)
Org: At Large (DNG)
Term ends: 10/1/2024

Nolan Lewis (Vice Chair)
Term ends: 10/1/2024

William C. “Bill” McMullen
Cell: (302) 423-0073
Term ends: 12/15/2024

Kevin Molloy
Org: American Legion
Term ends: 09/01/2027

Eugene F. Bradley
Term ends: 07/02/2024

Paul V. Lardizzone
Office: 697-9061 / Fax 697-9041
Org: DAV
Term ends: 10/22/2026

John “Mick” Schroeder
Term ends: 8/5/2025

William C. Farley
Org: MCL
Term ends: 08/16/2025

Doug Hudson
Term ends: 12/01/2026

Joshua Ladd
Term ends: 09/15/2027

Steven McGuire
Org: VFW
Term ends: 4/30/2028

Dan Watson
Org: VVA
Term ends: 02/25/2026

Anna M. Lopez
Org: At Large (DELVETS Post 2)
Term ends: 08/23/2025

Richard Rambo
Org: At Large (DELVETS Post 1)
Term ends: 4/30/2028

Gary Espinas
Org: At Large
Term ends: 4/30/2028

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